HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar



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HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar
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Gray Hair Reversal Weapon

HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar

On your head and beard, how many gray hairs can you count? In the mirror, are they becoming more obvious? It’s time to restore each and every one to its previous, vivid hue.

You don’t need pricey treatments or hair dye. In actuality, dyes just give your hair a temporary, harmful coating of color.

With a treatment backed by science that activates pigment cells deep in your roots, you can restore the color of your hair to its original state.

The Black Soap Gray Coverage restores natural pigmentation by boosting melanin production in your follicles using a specific mix.

Proven Results in 3 Weeks

HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar

Week 1: Because substances like bamboo charcoal eliminate toxins and impurities from follicles and pigmentation returns, your scalp is healthier and your hair is considerably more vivid.

Week 2: As melanin production in the cells rises, gray hair continues to turn to its original pigment.

Week 3: As full pigment production is reached, your hair is smoother, more bright, and has its entire natural color returned, giving long-lasting benefits.

Natural Ingredients

HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar

He Shou Wu Extract Known for promoting hair growth, strengthening follicles, and preventing hair loss.

Camellia Seed Oil Nourishes hair, adds shine, and repairs damage due to its rich essential fatty acids.

Olive Oil A natural emollient, it moisturizes, reduces frizz, and enhances hair’s softness and manageability.

Castor Bean Oil Supports hair growth by nourishing the scalp and increasing hair thickness.

Coconut Oil A superb conditioner, it deeply hydrates hair, reduces breakage, and helps prevent protein loss.

Black Sesame Extract Prevent premature graying due to its rich mineral and antioxidant content, promoting hair health.

Why Hair Turns Gray?

HOMTOPY™ – Gray Hair Reverse Bar

Even flawless hair can turn gray for a variety of reasons. Stress, aging and genetic predispositions play the central role.

As you age, the activity of melanocytes, the pigment cells in your hair, reduces. This causes the hair to lose its color.
When stressed, the chemical NE is released into the follicle, which rapidly destroys melanocytes and stops pigment production.

By protecting and stimulating melanocytes to produce more pigment, we can effectively offset both unfavorable genetic conditions and daily stress.

How To Use?

  1. Hop in the shower and wet your hair with warm water. Run your hands through your scalp or beard to make sure it is wet throughout.
  2. Run the Black Soap in your hands to create a lather.
  3. Once the soap has created a foam in your hands, set it aside and massage the lather into your hair, all the way to your scalp (for head) or chin (for beard).
  4. Rinse the foam out thoroughly and finish your hair routine as normal.


Q. How soon can I expect to get the initial results?
A. After 1-2 weeks of consistent usage of the Black Soap Gray Coverage, the first noticeable improvements can be seen.
Q. How frequently should I use it?
A. For best results, apply the Black Soap Gray Coverage frequently after each shampooing.
Q. Is it also appropriate for colored hair?
A. Yes, you may use the Black Soap Gray Coverage on dyed hair without having the color change.
Q. Can I apply it to my sensitive scalp?
A. Only natural components that are gentle even on delicate scalps are used in Black Soap Gray Coverage.
Q. Is it appropriate for both men and women?
A. The Black Soap Gray Coverage can be used on any type of hair and is appropriate for both men and women.
Q. Do you think I can use it with other hair care products?
A. It can be used in conjunction with any other hair care products, yes.
Q. Is it also appropriate for use in other places?
A. The Black Soap Gray Coverage can be used to restore the natural color of gray hair in other places, such as the beard or eyebrows.
Q. What occurs if I stop using it?
A. The Black Soap Gray Coverage’s effects endure long after the product is stopped being used; but, over time, gray hair may resurface due to the natural aging process of the hair.

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  • Avatar


    Never write a review, but now I just have to. It actually works. Regularly wash the hair with it and you get a great result!

    October 15, 2023
  • Avatar


    After only 2 weeks of use, I had already very clearly seen the first successes. Now after 3 months, the gray hairs is no longer visible!
    The result has convinced me. Even colleagues have noticed it and have asked about it.

    October 15, 2023
  • Avatar

    Peggy B.

    A very nice product, it helped me!

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    If someone had said last year that this year I would be blessed with less gray hair, I would have laughed. I have always dyed my hair from time to time. Above all. so you don't see the gray hair. When I got the shampoo 8 weeks ago for my birthday, I was of course curious to see if it would help with gray hair. And I can tell. The gray hair has decreased significantly. Bon so happy

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    I like to reorder it because it stops my hair from turning gray. Am so happy this shampoo

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    It's quite expensive by my standards, but it's really worth it.

    Very good!

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    All great

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar


    Very good
    You just have to use it regularly

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar

    Joe S.

    that's a joke, I thought. But I could convince myself of the opposite.

    October 13, 2023
  • Avatar

    Christine D.

    My husband was so surprised at how dark my hair has gotten again. Great results with patience. Very well tolerated and natural. A guaranteed recommendation!!!

    October 13, 2023

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